Challenges and skills in the work of a Color Supervisor

The development of technology and the increase in the number of processes in post production results in the emergence of new job titles like Color Supervisor. Pablo Garcia and Kamil Rutkowski will tell us more about the specifics of this new profession!

Pablo Garcia is an ACES Mentor, part of the ACES Implementation Technical Advisory Committee, and the managing director of Cromorama sp z o.o.He makes sure that technology works for the artists and creators as well as for engineers the way they expected, taking care of the image from the first moment when light touches the sensor in a camera to the final result on the screen. He has worked as a colourist and colour supervisor for more than 13 years, with credits like Cats, His Dark Materials, Downton Abbey, Night at the Museum, among many others and has pioneered the implementation of HDR both in cinema production and in broadcast. Pablo specializes in pre-production and production, assisting cinematographers in equipment choice and colour management throughout the production process.

Kamil Rutkowski is a co-owner of Black Photon – post production facility that offers premium-grade feature films and television post production services. In the past, he was also a co-owner of DI Factory and CTO in Chimney Poland. He is an author of the DI View, DI KDM and DI Library web platforms as well as many post production workflows and scripts. He is also a SMPTE Poland chairman and member of ISO, PKN and IMFug. He worked on over 200 feature films