We know the importance of technology and processes that the film undergoes after the shooting period. Its final character is shaped and supplemented with elements impossible to make on the set. We give the floor to creators and experts from all stages of post-production. We focus on exchanging industry experiences at an international level. We also care for the promotion of the Polish post-production industry in the country and abroad. We are building the Post Production Forum around the value of trust, professionalism and mutual industry support


Fot: Adrian Jaszczak


Post Production Excellence is inspired by the formula of the TEDx conference. We are interested in artistic and technological challenges that you faced as a studio last year. What are you proud of, what have you realized, what creative needs have you been able to answer? In the group of the best post-production houses we discuss one scene, especially demanding special effect, the whole project or a small fragment of it. You decide!

Tell us about your achievements and share your experience!